Coeur D Alene Street Fair

This weekend is the big weekend of the Coeur D Alene street Fair.  This event is actually 3 events in one, they have the Beer and wine tasting festival going on, also art on the green, and then the CDA street fair where they close down 7 blocks and have vendors lining the streets.

This is our first public show of products and it is a success!  We have Smudge, Soap and these wonderful lotions for sale there. Sales have been brisk and lots of people interested in not only the products we have there, but also our lambs we have for sale both for meat and breeding stock and of course when they can expect cheese.

So prepping for this event has taken up much of my blogging time for updates.

We have also decided to book our booth at the Kootenia County Fair.  We already have several lambs that are in the 4-H meat program that will be competing there, so why not go and show what we produce from those sheep?

Well since I am at home handling the sheep, Time for me to skeedaddle and get night milking done.  Till next time!

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  1. David says:

    I believe I have talked to you at the CDA Street Fair. I have been asked to speak at church this weekend describing the Christmas story through the eyes of the shepherds. Is it possible to rent/ borrow a sheep for the weekend? I would dress up as a shepherd and do the whole story. My family raised bum lambs as a kid so I am not entirely unfamiliar with the animals. I think it would help people remember and relate to the story better. If not you, is there a 4-H family you could recommend that I approach. I live in the Cougar Gulch area.

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