Harvest Time!

Fall is here, or I think it is fall.  The weather is hot hot!  We are still in discussions with the county and our milking barn we are trying to get finished before winter so we have a nice warm place to milk.

So now we have contacted an architect to do drawings of a building already built. The county is not getting it that we wont have employee’s and also that we will not have a store front.  So the disagreement continues.

We have been trying to get everything set up for winter.  We had a fellow come in here to build a few more feeders for winter.  Need to still get our hay in under cover, breeding season is in full swing and Jan will be a very busy month for us lambing.  need to get the milking building finished so we can move the milking to the new building and use the current milking area for more lambing jugs!

I was able to escape the other day to go get some huckleberries picked. Only got about 1/2 a gal so I still need to go get more.  My mouth can almost taste Dales smudge with a huckleberry filling.  YUM!  I took the neighbor and 2 of his children with me up to the area I like to pick hucks at, neighbor picked, and he also collected wood.


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