County Stopped plans

I am frustrated, upset, angry with the county.   The county has made our trying to get the milking barn set up impossible!  They have run us out of money!

We tried very hard to do everything the right way. The legal way.  We were converting a building, We decommissioned it from a residence, to a shop, then the county wanted us to hire all contractors to turn it into a milking barn. We were  not allowed to do the work ourselves. We had to hire everything out. Making the cost of this project quadruple.  Then they started saying we needed to go F2 Commercial, and have handicapt bathrooms, and parking facilities for 20 cars.  We tried to explain that we had no employee’s and we were not selling from the farm which is allowed under the state and county code.  They didn’t care.  They took the codes for the county and read into them things that were not listed. They couldn’t show us the code. said they didnt have to show us code, that we had to hire a specialist.  We did hire a specialist, and after paying out tons of money and them getting the run around also they put a stop to us.

We had to hire an atty to fight every road block.  $$  contractors $$, materials, $$  Finally the last straw was a architect to draw the plans on the building that has been in existence for the last 20 plus years.  Along with a drafter and structural engineer.

The state was in our corner the whole way, trying to help us with the county.

This is not the end for us we hope. We will still function under our current small dairy license, we will still make product, but for now, it will be small, and we will not be able to support ourselves.  So, while we are trying to figure this all out, we will have to also find outside employment so we can start saving again to make this whole dairy thing a go down the road.

They were worried about our neighbors, 1 mile away, the noise from the dairy, the poop which we had under the state permit with state engineers help.  County didn’t want to follow state, they are in a power struggle to be boss, but yet no one knows their job..  Typical government I know.

So this is where we stand at this time.

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