It is the middle of harvest season and that is what we have been doing, harvesting pumpkins. I have been cooking seeds and canning pumpkin pie mix.  The sheep have sure enjoyed the pumpkins.  I looked up the benefits of feeding pumpkins and found they are very good for the sheep. the seeds are high in selinium and magnesium. And a organic wormer.

We purchased 10 huge boxes full and I feed out about 80-100 pumpkins a day.  The ewes are all looking fat and happy. We can tell many of them are packed full of babies.  We will be moving the milking area into the barn that isnt approved to be a milking barn and we will continue with our 7 sheep facility.

We are ready for the holiday rush with the soaps and lotions. We have some cheese, but I think we will hold on to that for our personal use.

The cams are currently down.  I have a small issue someplace and I still have to research why they are not working.  I did get the chickens sold, I decided to keep back 7 so I atleast have a few eggs a day.

Fall is here and it is so pretty looking at the tree’s start to turn colors. Hunting season so far has been pretty successful.

I have a group of family coming in mid week this week. Prepping to be able to feed them all while they are here.  So out came a leg of lamb, I will slice it up and marinade it is fresh organic garlic, some mint leaves, italian seasonings and oilive oil.  Dale is making some home made pita’s tomorrow.  Yum, my mouth is already watering.

So fall will keep going on, we will continue to work on the building and get it ready for some time in the future to go ahead and get it permitted and into a working grade A dairy facility.

The ewes will go under cam the first part of December with lambs sceduled to start arriving on Dec 12 with the majority of them lambing jan 1-16th.  We will have the cams on (I hope) so you can monitor.

We are  in process of scheduling WSU to come in and get our testing done for the year once again.  We hope we will be able to have the cams up and running then also.  Look for mid november to be when we have WSU come in.

Sunny today with a little bit of fall nip to the air, so I  had better get out and get some barn yard work done while the weather holds.

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