Fall swinging quickly into winter is here. The first snow is just starting to fall. guess it is time to drag out the winter gear and get it all ready to use.

We are looking to buy more pumpkins also.  We have really enjoyed feeding the sheep the pumpkins and the sheep have enjoyed eating them. It is pretty funny to look out and see 150 plus ewes with orange faces.  The woolies are always the first sheep to arrive when we start throwing out the pumpkins in the morning.  The Katahdins will stomp on the pumpkins to break them open, for the woolies to dash over and push them out of the way to get to the insides.
Last week we had the county building inspector come and sign the building off from a residence to a barn. We will finish the walls and the work inside the building, and we will go ahead and get the management plan from USDA done when we can move ground in the spring.  We might try again at that time to get the building zoned and signed off as our dairy and cheese processing area.  But that will all depend on finances.

We are getting ready to start going for Organic certification. We are going to bite the bullet and do it the right way with the certifications. The paperwork is a nightmare from what I can see.  So if I can make it through all the mumbo jumbo reading about rules, regulations and what we need to make sure we comply in has been a chore.  I did pass that off to john to get done, since I let him do most of the govt type paperwork. but this is something I think we both need to learn and know.  I will just let him deal with the forms. *Smile*

Since we had such a short summer and fall we have been in a scramble to find decent feed at reasonable prices and get it in and stored. And now with us trying to dodge winter storms we will be on a bigger push to get plenty in and stored. News weathermen have all been predicting heavy snows again this year.

The barns are almost ready, Since we have 80 ewes all due in a 10 day window we want to make sure we have plenty of jugs ready and lambing space.  We have 20 due before this rush in Dec, We are currently set up to handle 20 at a time, but the big push of 80 will probably tax all of us. We are looking for temp barn work for the month of Jan as we know we we will running hard and wont be able to do it all ourselves.  We just put the Jan ewe lambs in with the ram, so we will have 40 lambing around april/may.  Weather should be decent at that time so we will have a little easier of a time.

I ordered some parts and some new cams and another multiplexer and will be setting back up the cam systems with several added cams.  Be prepared to watch the explosion in the barn.  We will also be calling in WSU to come test our sheep for the milking certificate.



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