Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  And with this new year we have so many plans, dreams, oh and the work.

Lambing season so far is CRAZY! and I am sure it is going to just get crazier!  Christmas week is a blur, We had all the holiday going on’s and preparations with the family, and on Christmas eve and Christmas Day the barn exploded!  25 lambs, 5 girls.

I had chatted on facebook slots with a very nice lady in Florida, who was coming to visit her family up here. Well she called today and I had 4 generations standing in my barn playing with the lambs.  I enjoyed the visit very much, very nice people.

We have product getting out. For the Jan-May season you can find our Beauty products at the Palm Desert Ca Street fair every weekend.  We have expanded our products and will be adding them to the store very soon. (need time to design)

We have a very nice moisturizing liquid face wash. It is very gentle and leaves your skin nice and soft. We also have made a refreshing facial scrub that is moisturizing with jojoba meal. A shampoo and a conditioner for people are in the final stages of development.   We got so carried away that we created a conditioning dog shampoo that helps with dry skin, nice soft shiny coat, with added essential oils to help control flea’s and dandruff. A dog soap in bar form, and my daughter got creative and developed a rice and lamb milk bone cookie.  We have worked diligently to make sure we use natural and organic materials when developing these products. Taking many steps to make sure that our products are as natural as we can make them.  All of our products are developed using some product from the sheep that we harvest ourselves.

We also developed some products using Sweet Grass essential oil, and Sage essential oil for the Native American community.  We will be putting this product in the local stores soon.


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2 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Julie says:

    Shari i want one of those bars of dog soap! Are they shaped like bones? Hope they will be available online?

    • Shari says:

      Yes they will be available online, and I am looking for a bone soap mold. We will have lots of products and changes to the store online coming soon. I just need to clone me and it will get done faster.

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