Spring has sprung

My how time flies when you are working all the time.

The milking part of the barn is up and we are milking in it now.  We are still not ready to go grade A, and with all the rules and regulations it probably will not happen till summer 2013.  Working to get this done according to regulations has been very pleasant working with ISDA and the state agencies.

This is Dale putting up the FRP on the walls.  Today Dale is working on the Cheese Room. It is SOOO close to being done and I am looking forward for all the tested  milk we have frozen to be made into delicious cheese!

Lambing is still going on, it basically started the week before Christmas and hasnt stopped. We have about 200 lambs on the ground with another 25 or so ewes left to lamb.

We have sold several non Reg ram lambs that are VERY nice as ram prospects this year. We also are saving back lambs for a late butcher and will be selling USDA lamb by the cut at the Kootenia County Fair.  We will be in building #1 this year.  New spot and we hope we can do lots of business there.

We also will have Big Daddy at the fair and will be showing him in a open class.  We are thinking about taking a few others to the fair also.  That will be seen.

We have added a few more protection dogs.  Coyotes were coming into the barnyard and stole a lamb right in front of me this winter.   We are still improving the facilities for winter feeding.  I sure hope to have all the kinks worked out to make our lives here in the winter just a tad easier.

The weather is just starting to break here, so I hope to get lots and lots of pictures!


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