Cheese Vat is ordered and update of orphans

We are off!  The call is made, the broker is set, and our new cheese vat is being custom made!  It is a nice feeling to know that one of the most expensive pieces of equipment is done, purchased and in 6-8 weeks we should be able to pick it up at port of entry.

That light at the end of the tunnel just got brighter!

We took Chelsea and the little boy lamb up to their mamma today. We have had them in the house on her milk and bottle feeding every 2 hours. The little boy decided he could finally stand on his own last night, and this morning he tried to bounce.


Mom accepted them after 3 days!  whew we are happy about that. Now we are monitoring her to see if they can actually latch on and suckle on her.  I sure hope so, because I do not like raising bummer lambs… They always become Sheeples

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