New Product developed

Several months back my husband came to me and asked. do you have a favorite lotion?  I said  yes several why?  He said you have hundreds of bottles of lotions and creams but you just get more you do not get rid of any.  I informed him that I buy them and try them and do not like how they feel on my skin.

He had me gather my favorite containers and give to him, and he said I will develop you a lotion that you will love to use and then  you can toss out all the rest of these bottles. I agreed!

For the last several months he has been designing a lotion that I will enjoy, one that is not greasy feeling feeling, one that absorbs into my skin and leaves me feeling hydrated.   I am out in all weather all  year in the barnyard, so I wanted something that would do in all conditions and situations.

So product #1.  Everyday lotion.  It is here! And it is wonderful! It is actually more of a cream, thicker than most lotions. probably because there is more butterfat in sheep milk than in cow or goat milk and that is what the testers use.  I had him use organic butters and essential oils, Everything but the preservative is natural, and we use very little of that in this formula. .05%. We have natural preservatives in it like Tea tree oil, vitamin E, grapefruit seed oil, which are also excellent for your skin and it’s health.

While Dale was messing around with the formula for my lotion, he came across something for a great anti-aging wrinkle cream. It has different oil and butter combinations, it is a heavier product, so perfect for night time use where it has time to work on the skin cells with out elements effecting its softening and hydrating of your skin.

We have a big group of people who are willing to be guinea pigs for our products. My mom and several of her friends who are in their mid to late 70’s tried all products.  All 5 of them have now purchased jars of the cream and have given up their other products.  They said this works much better, it is natural, and cheaper than the big name products they had been purchasing in the past. so looks like we discovered product #2 night cream.

We are very excited about these new products and look forward to seeing how well they market at the Coeur D Alene street fair in August!

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4th weekend

Busy busy weekend .

Friday a friend of mine came up to visit, was a nice visit as she lives 3 hours away and we do not see each other often.  worked out great as jeremy my nephew is here for the summer and she brought her little boy with her and they played while I showed her how to make soap.  She left out of here around 1am Friday night and headed to her other house in this area that she is moving out of.

Sat we had the fencing crew back in here and fencing. At the same time the libyans came in and took 9 lambs, so it was a busy busy day and I was exhausted by the time they left.  Sunday we cleaned up from Sat, got a group of sheep wormed and weighed. Cheryl my friend came in here loaded with all her furniture left at that house, we made a batch of soap together and i loaded her truck up with supplies for making soap and she left to head home.

Monday the 4th was supposed to be a slow day.  The kids came in to fence, and we unloaded some hogs fuel up where we feed the horses to firm up the soil there.  I took jeremy into town to buy some fireworks for him to shoot off.  When I was heading back home from town, John waved me down and told me he had a call from the WSU students.

They want 1 lamb 6 months or older for the celebration of the birth of one of the students.  The only lamb we had left was the lamb I had my name on.  So i took inventory in my freezer. I have enough lamb to take me about another 3 months.  so I told john to call him back and i would sell him, but no discounts on that lamb.  We normally give the WSU students a 10% discount because they buy so much lamb from us.  They himhawed about paying the standard rate till I said. make you a deal, if  you take the hide off this lamb and  you do not love what you see, you do  not h ave to buy him. I will finish butchering  him and keep him as planned.  they were here in a hour.

3 very nice fellows came in to butcher the ram lamb with my name on him.  While here they decided to take 2 others also.  We usually do not sell lambs under 60 pounds live weight, but they wanted fresh weaned milk fed lamb, so we let them take 2 more.

The hide came off and it was all I expected it to be and I said to them, you sure you want that ram lamb?  oh yes they said, no fat!

I had a nice time speaking with them, they were good with Jeremy there and showed him some of the butchering ways to make it easier.  Jeremy told him mom later that night, Mom I can now butcher your sheep for you!

I explained to them that all we have left are lambs under 3 months, and if they want to reserve another lamb, to deposit on one, and we will hold it till desired weight. And I let them know out of what is left I was going to put my name on 2 for my family.  I asked you want me to put your name on one for you?  they said no you put your name on one for me!  I said I guess you like my choice for lambs?  they said yes, put  your name on 3 for us!  So looks like I will have 5 lambs out there with Shari written on them.

This was probably the best group we have had in a while, they were very clean and left the butcher facility in the same condition they got it in.   Work for cleanup was very little and I appreciated it a lot.

I got dinner made when they left, and went to milk sheep. I wasnt going to finish milking in time for the fireworks, so the hired hands and Dale took Jeremy to the casino to watch fireworks.  When they got back Jeremy ran in and threw his arms around  me and said aunt Shari, I have never seen fireworks like that before, They were the best!  then we all gathered around and lit off the fireworks that I had purchased.  Jeremy fell into bed exhausted.  he woke up this morning to say.  I had such a great night last night I dreamed i was superman and every one here were super hero’s and we killed the bad guys!

Jeremy and I talked about his dream, and then he said, Oh Gpa is up milking?  I said yes he is,  he said by aunt shari I need to help.  and off he went.

Another busy day here, have tons scheduled, the fencing crew is up on the hill fencing, i  have 2 batches of soap to make, a house to clean, ewe lambs to tag with the big girl tags and we have to make another sort and pull lambs 3 months old out from momma’s

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We were hit!

Well looks like some wild critter came in and hit us the other night.   We were woke up about 4am with the dogs going nuts. The guardian dogs were out at the back fence line raising a storm.

We searched with the night scope and we just couldn’t find anything to make the dogs go off like they were. So when it got light enough we went out investigating.

We did find some blood on the top of the fence line. Looks like maybe a lamb got drug over the top.  Our fences are 4′ tall with a strand of barb wire on the top and hot wire on the bottom.

After a head count this is what we lost…  1… 4 mo old ewe lamb, a 2 mo old ewe lamb and a 3 month old ram lamb.  3 lambs in one night!  OUCH!

We heard the coyotes about a week ago, however we had someone stop by from up the road a ways that asked if we had lost any stock, they lost 12 goats the night before we did.  Said they thought it might be dogs.

We do not know what it was that took those lambs, I am pretty sure it wasn’t coyotes.  I am thinking that the pack of 3 wolves that has been seen in this area is what jumped those fences and took the lambs.

I do not know what more we can do to stop them from coming in.  We hired a crew to extend the fences some, put them up higher, to also run a hot line on the top. and we are finishing up the property line fence so if they come in to the sheep, they have to jump 2 fences to get to the sheep pens.  Horses are out there “Helping” the boys fence.  wondering hey??  why are we getting fenced in more solid!

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Big Daddy and some girls made it home

We looked for some haulers for the Ram and we were not having much luck finding one, So Husband Dale and I loaded up and we headed for South Dakota.

Before we had left I had decided on buying 4 older ewes and 6 younger ones out of a different ram.  Then some clients of mine, they purchased 4 Big Daddy daughters.  We had a full load of 15 purchased.

Dale and I head out with a late start to South Dakota.  We did not make good time. The weather was BAD!  We had high winds, rain, hail, more rain and to top that off, there is flooding in that state and TONS of road construction. We made it to billings MT that first night.

Our first stop was in St Regis for fuel and a pee stop.

Cute little place that has everything, the hotel and post office is at the end of the building.  We purchased some huckleberry fudge, i want to try it and if i like it i will have Dale make some smudge.

We had a hard time in billings finding a hotel that we could park the truck and trailer or that i felt safe.  The motel 6 and 8 had people out front with crack pipes. I said NO way are we staying there, we might not have 1 tire on the truck or trailer when we get up.  We found another hotel called Kelly Inn.

Paid through the nose for the room and I have to tell you, i will NEVER NEVER EVER stay at a Kelly Inn.

It was clean however, I woke up with little flea bite looking things all over my body.  I took a shower and the water was luke warm.  I am thankful the only thing I took to the room was my PJ’s a clean change of clothes and my phone.  I dropped my clothes in the garbage when we left.  I tossed 2 sets of day time clothes and took fresh clothes out of the truck and changed in the horse trailer.  I was not going to take bed bugs home!

We put in another 16 hours on the road on Day two and we made it to ellendale North Dakota.  A internet friend of mine that I was texting with on this trip found me a  hotel and booked me a room.  THANK HEAVENS!  The place was new and clean.  We checked in and they were very friendly, the place is the Harvest Inn.  We ate at a dive in town, service sucked badly.  My stomach was upset so I had Dale stop at a gas station on the way back from dinner so i could get some milk.

I am usually pretty cautious about the dairy products, so i check the exp date, shook the milk opened and took a big swig.. Only problem the swig came out in a glob.

I spewed all over the door of the truck and when Dale got it stopped and I jumped out and puked and puked.  Just the thought of it now makes me gag.

My husband said lets go to the bar, this has been one hell of a day and people’s IQ in this town are limited. So, not being drinkers.. I ordered something strong. A B52, Dale ordered a double shot of jack with a coke chaser.  They didnt know how to make my B52, and they didnt give him a shot of jack but a glass of jack with ice.  We got them straightened out and they served it to dale the right way, so i said just give me a shot like him.  took a few shots and I sure felt better and went to bed.

The next morning bright and early 4am, we got up, showered and went to go to S. Dakota and pick up the sheep.  It was raining.. Grrr Miserable.  but we made it in to this place. The Dosch’s live out in the middle of no where but they have a very nice place and what wonderful people. And I was VERY pleased with my internet purchase. The sheep were what they represented and actually i was suprised they were even better than expected.

We got the sheep loaded and we got out of there for the long hard drive back. We were going to try and make it home in 1 day.

The flooding through N. Dakota was pretty severe. I94 was closed due to water across the road. it was slow slow driving.  We only made it to bozeman MT that night.   We stayed at a little dive on the main strip. Rainbow Motel, We had checked out other places, but they were full, or wanted us to park the trailer several blocks away.  I needed to haul water to the sheep and sure didnt want to haul water by hand that far.

Now I want to let you all know, that little dive was clean, the rooms didnt smell bad and they were smoking rooms. The people there were very nice and OH they believe in having a hot shower as the water was nice and hot and great water pressure!

We slept so well we didnt get out of Bozeman till 5;30am and we hit it hard to get home.  I pulled into the clients place about 1pm that afternoon, got their 4 sheep out and headed the last 30 miles home.  We hadnt eaten all day but we didnt care, we were home.  We got Big daddy and his girls off the truck and they are now  in the incoming sheep pen for observation.  I want to make sure we have no shipping fever and all is well before exposing them to the other sheep.

As bad as the trip was and as long, I would do it all over again for the quality of the sheep we picked up.  Will get pictures soon.. as we stop raining

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New Ram Big Daddy

Check was mailed and we have purchased a new ram for our breeding program.  He is known as Big Daddy.

We are pretty excited and can’t wait to get him here. We are in process of looking for quotes from haulers to get him here. If not, well, I guess we will head to SD and go get him ourselves.

We are getting the milking routine under control now and it is moving a lot faster. So now we are moving back to main project, working on the building to get the cheese room and milking area set up.  I will keep you updated

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Cam is on Milking area! Come watch the circus!

We moved a cam to the milking area.  This allows us to milk while we are building the milking barn.

All the ewes we are currently milking are ewes we have weaned the young on, and they are still producing a good supply of milk.  The milk we get from those sheep, is what i use for the soap and lotion making.

We have 7 sheep that we also milk, mornings only, and those sheep are the ones that make cheese and smudge.  Yum.   We will be painting something on the 7 sheep so it makes it easier for identification.

You might see a EF ewe that comes in for milking, We call her Martha, but she has COW written on her side.  She eats as much as a cow, and she milks like a cow!  Her buddy is a black EF/Lucrene cross that we named Oprah.

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No More Long Johns?

here it is June 6th and I think I am safe.. maybe… to put the long underware and heavy winter clothes away till winter.  I think I had better keep out my chilly weather clothes however as we still haven’t seem to made it to consistantly warm yet.

We are milking now,  not quite full scale, probably closer to 1/2 scale.  Just weaned some lambs so milking the moms till they are ready to dry up.

this is kimber the neighbor girl,  Isnt she so cute in the morning/  She came to give us a hand on first day milking in the new stanchion.

Here is john teaching the sheep on how to load in the stanchion to be milked.

Jimbo and john milking

John (yellow shirt) is putting the milk on the scale to weigh it and record weight, jimbo is putting milk containers into a ice chest full of ice water to cool the milk as quick as possible.

Kimber getting ready to jump in and milk the 3rd ewe.

all the ewes whos lambs we weaned are always put on the stanchions and milked.  This is where we see what kind of production the ewe is giving in month 4/5/6 and on the EF’s 7/8.  This information is being recorded and we will use it to see what the weight gains are on that ewes lambs. And from there it lets us know why the lamb did poorly or well.  The information we gather helps when we need to make decisions about culling certain ewes and how to proceed with our breeding program.

People might hear me complain about john insisting on recording so many details, i say UGGG paperwork!  but I  have to admit, it has helped me in figuring out details for my end of this business adventure.

Peppy, I do not know if I  have introduced him to you all yet, but he is the Ranch Manager. He greats everyone that comes here.  Most of the time he is on his good behavior, but sometimes, he can be a pain.  Peppy came here via the benewah county sheriff in the back seat of his patrol car.  His head was rolled up in the window.

I was  not here, or i do not think I would have accepted the goat.  the Benewah department know that I do equine rescue and have for years, and seems like I always have several dogs that all are rescues.  I am not a fan of goats, and i would have said no, but my husband, being a animal sucker also, aloud the police man to leave peppy here.  We had to keep him for 10 days, and then could put him up for adoption/auction or keep him.

So happens that several people around here had goats dumped on them around the time I got peppy.  Told the officer that at 10 days time, that peppy would become pepperoni.  Well, peppy is peppy on most days, we do have those days that he is pepperoni!



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Getting Busy here!

This might be jumbled as I am trying to remember everything that has happened over the last few days.  We did have another day of sunshine, so I took some lamb pictures as the ewes with under 30 day lambs were mowing the yard.

I just love watching the babies play.

UH Oh!  what are those black things??

I had John and Jim build me a couple of raised planting beds.  We can pick them up with with the forks on the tractor and move them around. I can also turn them into cold boxes easily by mounting glass on them.   I had Jeff get me some dirt the other day and put in the boxes, I spent a few hours before dinner sifting through the soil pulling out and roots or grass, breaking up some clods.  When and if the rain stops… I will add some last summer sheep manure that was dried and bagged and mix it in with the soil. I will get some pictures of the garden beds IF it ever stops pouring/snowing.

We are watching cam 4, we have a yearling that is getting real close, she is the light colored pinto looking one.  I had made a couple of batches of soap a month ago, it was time to get them labeled and ready to sell.  So I spent the other day wrapping the soap, and printing and putting labels on them. Also weighed up the bars and made sure I put the weight on the label. So with those batches out of the drying rack, I made up 2 more batches. One is a nice favorite soap recipe made with sheep milk, honey, avacado oil, Coconut Oil, and palm oil. One is Mango, Papaya with Orange peel, And the other is Cucumber melon.  They clean you up and leaves your hands so soft.  The Men in the house make sure there is a bar in the shower.

I have been doing some spring cleaning around my house, and some redecorating of the bedrooms I now have back since the children all have flown the coop.  I  have had some time to also research some rams and the bloodlines I would like to purchase.

Jeff should be back early in the morning to finish cleaning the barn out.  Weekly chore no one likes to do.



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Dale spent the morning jacking up the side of the cheese cave.  It was a slow process, one side a little, then the other side.

So when it was tipped enough it was about ready to go over.. Dale went and got the back hoe to catch it on the way over with the forks on the bucket.

Then Dale ran to the other side where the backhoe is holding the unit and starts the backhoe and drops the unit to the ground gently.

Dale then used the backhoe to gently position it where he needs it to build the ramp into the unit from the soon to be cheese room.

So as I am taking pics.. I see a nest, hidden in the lilac bushes.

sneaky hens!   Lots happened here today and everyone was busy doing their thing.  John brought in a truck load of gravel and he was unloading it in much needed spots.  He also worked on contouring the ground so the water runs where we want.  Jim worked on building a small shed to hold the gas cans and oil for the motorized equipment.

Tomorrow I am having them build me my raised garden beds.  I need to get veggies planted.

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And Busy continues

God said to us.. I promise  you no more flooding and rain with a wonderful rainbow

And then we had this for our sunset

So we finally got a couple of days with no rain.  Krystal my daughter needed her car put on a trailer and hauled up north to a mechanic.  To do that we had to get the cheese cave off the trailer, which means we had to get all the stuff we had moved out of the shop moved someplace else and the cement pad cleaned off to set the cave down on.

So while they were working and having fun, I decided to take the camera up to the barn and take some pictures.  First I had to take a picture that yes spring is here and to ignore the snow monday morning.

And then… I got mobbed by the chickens!  They love me and they think every time I walk by the chicken house they run to meet me thinking I will feed them again.  Actually I should paint pigs all over the hen house because they are pigs!

The black over grey one is my rooster.  So I finally made it up to the barn and went to take some pics of the babies.  Thought I would take a picture of one little registered ram lamb for a client in Mt.  Karen,  Here are a couple of pics of the little boy.  He is a thief and tries to take a quick suck off the ewe we are milking. Cow is not his mamma. LOL

so I walk out of the barn to check on the babies outside. I see one laying on a old hay pile, and it is looking dead… I have to investigate to see what the outcome is.. good or bad..

I reach down and touch her and she jumps up and runs off with mom.. Whew!

I take a few more pictures of the babies outside and then head back to see the progress of the boys.

When I left the barn area I was mobbed again by the chickens and then was greeted by the house mob. They do not go to the barn except for killer.  The barn belongs to Bolt and Chloe the sheep guardian dogs.

And here comes Moe

Moe is very needy.. where ever he thinks he will get attention he will be there.  He is a great dog. A rescue.  He has meshed in pretty well around here. He does tend to manage to stand right where we want the sheep to go blocking them.

Sheeba, This sweet old lady is getting up there, she is 14 this year. She still can get out and do her job, but she can’t handle being outside on cold nights.  So she has moved to the house.  I can’t say enough good things about this dog. She is very sweet and loving, she adores children and lets them pull on her. If they get to rough she will gently grab their arm and hold it. She does have a nickname… slimer. She licks everything.  Your pants, legs, shoes, walls, floors.. she just can’t help herself.  She is the best mouser and she watches out for coyotes and other wild animals for our place and the neighbors place 3/4 of a mile away. LOL

Meet Boomer.  I have no idea what kind of dog he is, hound of some sort. He was picked up from the pound. he has a broken growth plate in his front foot which was non repairable.  We brought him home and I love this dog.  He sleeps with me, he is a happy hound dog and loves… if you didnt notice food.

Lastly of my dogs is killer. This dog adores me.  She is typical of her breed. She loves to be out with someone in the barnyard.

So I finally make it back down to check on the progress of the unloading of the cheese cave.  Dale my husband is operating the backhoe and this thing is heavy!  So he slides it off the back end of the trailer.

The weight of the fridge unit was more than the truck and trailer could handle is we pulled it back any further. The truck started to leave the ground.

So now they back the trailer up to where we wan the cheese cave. They get blocks under the back end of it and now comes trying to get it off the trailer. So dale picks up the front end after the blocks are set under the back end and jim drives the trailer out from under the unit.

John and Jim went to start blocking up the front end so dale can set it down when the frame on the unit started to break. We all were yelling to get out of the way.  The unit was falling over!

Everyone is ok!  Whew one of those OH @!#@!!!! times, and what else can you say but OOOPPPSS.

I will continue the getting the unit right side up and see if any damage was done and if it repairable tomorrow.

Good weather means spring cleaning and I am doing some cleaning in my home. Now that all my children have flown to coop it is time for me to transform their old bedrooms into my domain. So I started on the smallest one first.  Took me the rest of the day, but I got it all cleaned out except for the items I want to keep  back for that room. walls are bare, washed. need to fill nail holes and paint.

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